Hayley North

Hayley originally trained in dance at The Merseyside Dance & Hayley North – Yoga/Movement Teacher & Holistic ChefDrama Centre, The Urdang Academy of Performing Arts and the London Contemporary Dance School.

Later she completed a 3yr Yoga Teacher Training at Natural Bodies in Brighton and has been teaching consistently since 2002, both in the UK and internationally.

Classes are a deep yet playful exploration, via the physical body, into yoga as a state of being. Through guided movement, breathwork and asana practice students are encouraged to explore deep within the body, identify and undo habitual patterns of tension, and allow a more primal intelligence to unfold. Working from a space that invites movement as an expression of the breath and the fluid awakening of the spine – from a place of ‘not-doing‘ – the body mind begins to find integration and its connection back into universal forces and our place within nature.

The emphasis is on creativity and stillness in movement. Using ancient traditions and complimentary practices to provide grounding and the framework for adaptation, this approach encourages individuality and self- expression, is heart-felt and transformative.

Inspiration comes from Dance, Yoga, Chinese Healing Arts, Kinetic Integration, Feldenkrais, Contact Improvisation, Continuum Movement, Body Mind Centering, Shammanic movement practices, Krishnamurti….nature, life, living, and love.

Hayley also works as a freelance and private chef and is a co-founder of Levity Cuisine. She specialises in a holistic approach that is highly nutritious and energetically aware. This is a practice that becomes an embodied way of life supporting health and wellbeing at a cellular level.

She is also experienced in providing catering for retreats and workshops that is tailored to support the practices on offer.



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