Retreat Catering

Retreat Catering

We LOVE catering for retreats and passionately believe in the benefits. For more information or to hire us to cater for your retreat do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. We are also able to provide a training programme for retreat centres with in-house chefs that wish to develop more awareness or simply enhance their skills in the retreat kitchen.

Why Retreats?

Levity Cuisine was conceived as a reality in the retreat environment.  We quickly realised that the alchemy and magic that was being created in the kitchen on our annual Levity retreats was something special, and an integral part of peoples experience on the retreat. Being practitioners/teachers of yoga and the healing arts we were able to quickly see what foods were enhancing and supporting the classes we offered and the process one goes through during periods of intensive practice. We saw that some foods were obstructing the flow of going deeper within, using too much energy for digestion and numbing sensation and clarity. Over the years we have refined our ability to tune in to these needs through our own journeys and consistently participating and working regularly on retreats.

Retreats provide the opportunity for extended periods of time outside of the framework of ones normal day to day reality, opening up space for deep rest, reflection and transformation. During this time the body and nervous system can begin to let go of the demands of daily life and the process of intensive practice can bring us insight, clarity and peace that ripples out into our lives sustaining us long after the retreat has finished.

After spending many years attending lots of retreats we began to observe the role of diet and the nourishment from the food that was provided, asking the question ‘how is this supporting my experience?’ Also evident were the conditioned patterns of behaviour around food and how these revealed themselves in the retreat environment. With no distractions to disguise them it was easy to see that habits of eating and our attitude to food is often so sub-conscious and deeply ingrained, and as the body, heart and mind opened more during the retreat process the need for comfort eating and indulgence grew stronger.

Even with a diet of wonderful and healthy vegetarian, organic produce grown in the garden and made with a lot of love there still seemed something missing, a deeper connection was lacking and with a little refinement and a more conscious approach could push the possibilities of the retreat to a new level.

We believe in, and through our experience have felt, the profound benefits that come from completely integrating the food aspect of a retreat as a conscious practice. It certainly isn’t about denial and exclusion, but much more about awakening to the innate intelligence and primal voice of the body, transcending our limitations and truly hearing the messages that the body gives us, responding with what it ‘really’ needs.

Whenever we are called on to cater for holistic events and retreats, we take into account elemental influences such as the current season, the time of day, the energy of the group, the type of practices on offer and the intensity of the programme. We will always source our produce as locally as possible to the venue and prepare all our dishes with presence, awareness, an open heart and lightness of spirit.


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