Private Chef

Private chef work covers many different areas, from an intimate dinner party to a full blown knees-up, a chef to take with you on holiday or xmas catering; whatever works for you generally works for us.

Our team have experience in all these areas. One of the most rewarding areas of private chef work we do is in the homes of those who have an illness and where food is an essential part of the healing process. Together we ensure that the client has a constant supply of super healthy food that is tailored towards their specific treatment programme or as a complimentary addition to other alternative therapies they may be having.

Last Christmas we provided a private chef over 4 days for 12 people at a private residence. The menu was gourmet vegan and raw as much as possible. We had a great time creating an extraordinary menu for this event!

Just contact us if you require this service or wish to talk about it further.


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