Nutritional Empowerment – One to One Coaching

This is a service that sits close in our hearts. By working with the individual we can together develop an understanding of that persons current situation and how to move forward in a way that is right for them.

We can come into your home and really take a good look at your current eating patterns and habits, see what is in the fridge and cupboards and work out a way forward depending on what you want to achieve.

You may want to lose or put on weight, release the energy trapped in a life long comfort eating pattern, transition to a high raw food diet, become vegetarian or vegan, learn more about how to cook healthily for yourself or work with food and nutrition as a tool for transformation….whatever the reason we can help!

This is not about us preaching to you what is good or bad to eat. This is about you and your life, what you want to learn or achieve. It is your journey and your needs will guide us to deliver what feels right for you. Together we can help you become more intuitive and skilled to meet your own needs at the right time.

Back in our early days we used to deliver ready made healthy meals to peoples homes, supplying a 7 day menu for those with busy lives or no cooking skills. Nowadays we get asked to deliver food often but we really want to focus more on individual empowerment. We already spend too much time grabbing take aways and snacks, ready meals and things that have already been made for us. There is such satisfaction and deep nourishment to be gained from preparing your own food, no matter how quickly, simply or gourmet you want to be… affects us on a whole different level to be that close to what we put in our mouths and into our bellies!

Simply contact us if you feel you would like to work one on one with a holistic chef. We can talk through your needs, budget etc and whether you have a one off session or a series of sessions, we can make it work for you.


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