Once a year the Levity collective comes together to host a summer retreat and also facilitate a course for some of our teachers.

This is where the chefs of Levity Cuisine come together in kitchen alchemy to create wonderful dishes tailored to the needs of the group and the courses. Otherwise our chefs are busy working together or independently providing catering for spa/healthy holiday companies, workshops, festivals, markets, parties, sweat lodges, bespoke orders, food box deliveries and private home chefing. We also act as an agency to provide a chef/chefs to any event or occasion that wants to embrace the world of high vibrational living foods using only the best and freshest ingredients we can source and prepare with heaps of love and awareness.

We are available for catering anywhere in the world and always work with what the local environment has to offer.

Feel free to contact us if you have an event in mind or need a chef!


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