Exceptionally healthy, wholesome and delicious food is our passion. We specialise in vegetarian & vegan, whole-food cuisine prepared with love, intention and energetic awareness, guided by the basic principle that everything in the universe is connected. We believe that the difference between good food, and truly exceptional food, lies in the love, awareness and attention to detail that we put into the preparation.

We draw on ancient wisdom from Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda in addition to modern whole-food principles and natural nutrition. It is our intention to provide menus and services that support our clients in experiencing greater health, happiness and a sense of harmony and alignment with the natural flow of energy in their lives.

What makes Levity Cuisine special?

  • Most importantly, it is truly delicious & wholesome, made from scratch, with love, using the freshest ingredients of the highest quality.
  • We believe in attuning ourselves to Seasonal changes and cycles, through placing emphasis on local, organic and seasonal foods, which attune our bodies to the season and environment, as well as benefiting the earth through reduced carbon footprint. Wild foods are the ultimate local and seasonal foods, providing deep nourishment.  We love to forage for these whenever we can.
  • We choose ingredients that are deeply nourishing.  Applying our knowledge of the 5 elements and nutritional science in choosing the most nutritious foods to use in our recipes.  Living foods such as sprouts offer abundant enzymes, life force energy and undamaged vitamins and minerals.  All pulses, nuts, seeds and grains are pre-soaked or sprouted to remove anti-nutrients and provide enhanced nutritional value.  The use of Superfoods adds nutritional density and value to recipes.
  • Alkalising foods are essential to health! Since our bodies tend to be overly acidic, we incorporate a wide range of alkalising food into our menus.  Alkalising foods include greens, vegetables, fruit, millet and almonds.
  • Hydrating. Restoring proper hydration and flow to the body through adequate intake of high quality (living) fluids and electrolytes is the foundation of wellbeing. We use foods and cooking methods that are especially hydrating.
  • Cleansing. Fresh, light cuisine with an emphasis on raw and living foods encourages the body to let go of toxins, creating space for deep cellular nourishment.  Cleansing is best done in the spring and summer, although we can provide appropriate nutritional resources for cleansing at other times of the year.
  • Our food is always Free From the ingredients that most challenge health, such as wheat, dairy, meat and refined sugar.

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