About Us

Levity Cuisine is the catering service that exists under the umbrella of Levity.

Levity is a collective of holistic practitioners, therapists and chefs that work in the UK and internationally sharing the tools and wisdom from the many varied disciplines and practices that we bring together. The team met in Brighton and have spent many years journeying and growing together whilst continuing to connect with other like minds to expand the web of connections and possibilities.

Levity Cuisine became a catering service in its own right after 5 years of providing catering for an annual summer retreat. Over these years the careers and personal journeys of our chefs have become more and more rooted in the fundamental belief that the food we eat is the most vital and important medicine that we have. In addition to being a delight for the senses and our desires, food must be nourishing and provide our most basic nutrition. As the modern world and the global food industries push harder to make food a plastic version of its true self, we are passionate about sustainable and ethical food production, eating seasonally and locally, eating simple REAL ingredients and having the closest relationship to our food possible.

We realise there are many confusing messages out there in terms of what is good, bad, healthy or unhealthy and it is not surprising that people feel they do not know what information to trust. We work with balance and moderation and look at the patterns and habits we develop around food to help us hear again the true, innate intelligence of the body that already tells us what it needs to function well. It is our intention to help people hear these messages once again and be able to develop an intuitive understanding of what is right and when.

We provide many different services that are rooted in this fundamental approach to food and nutrition. We cater for retreats, workshops, festivals, markets, healthy holidays, in peoples homes, parties and many more occasions. Our aim is to also move more into education where we can work with people of all ages and backgrounds. Through workshops, courses and one to one coaching we can guide people back to being in control of their own health whilst having a truly amazing gastronomic journey along the way!!



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